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Some people have detailed daydreams about their future wedding.

I am not one of those people.

Some people already know what they will name their future children.

I am also not one of those people.

I do have names picked out, however. Names that I speak out loud to see how they’ll sound shouted out loud in the park. I do have detailed daydreams that involve craft projects and colour schemes.

You see, my detailed daydreams are about future pets.

I have it all planned out. I will first get a cat – an indoor cat, since I will have to move at some point and don’t want to risk them getting lost or harmed in a new place – and then a few years later I will get a dog.

Maybe two dogs.

My cat will have time to become boss of the household before I bring in a puppy; in my experience this is necessary for the two of them to get along in the long-term. Although FutureCat will have to be a specific breed for personal reasons, the puppy will be a rescue. FutureCat will have an awesome cat tree beside the window, and a soft leather collar so that he feels like a true gentleman. SpaceDog will be spoiled, and I will feed him under the table even though I’m not supposed to.

Since this plan requires a few years, the first part of this ambitious pet plan starts this year. The FutureCat strategy is hopefully in the works. I have already, in a burst of extreme optimism, bought FutureCat a fancy cat bowl.


FutureCat only needs one bowl (for his food) because he will have a little fountain for his water. He won’t even know how good he has it. FutureCat is going to be one fancy, formal, fashionable feline.

Typing this out makes me feel like I’m jinxing myself, and yet… I want to put it down here. FutureCat may have already been born. This daydream could be real!

I’m excited.

Just you wait. Six months from now I’ll be building a miniature yurt for FutureCat complete with fairylights and a kitty couch.

29 thoughts on “Plans and Pawprints

  1. LOL! I did the dreaming of everything…..and now that phase has past and I am married with kids….I am still dreaming of future pets!! It is a running joke in our house about the pet Min-Pin I will one day own and baby! (My husband does NOT agree with this idea) My Min-Pin already has a name- and we talk about him like we already have one or he will be arriving any day now. I don’t think our actual boxer would get a long so well with a Min Pin though…… so right now Scrappy-Do remains a dream. Fun post!


  2. Are you going to call the cat FutureCat? Actually ‘FutureCat’ could’ve been an awesome cartoon show in the 1980s. I would’ve watched it. She would’ve been a crime-fighting cat from the future, with all kinds of cool gadgets and probably a hedgehog sidekick called Marvin. And the FutureCat’s nemesis would not have been a mouse or a dog as logic would dictate, but rather an anthropomorphic toaster called Sir Burnalot. And now we’d all have houses full of ‘ironic’ FutureCat merchandise because we loved the 1980s. I’d have a FutureCat mug and a Marvin the Hedgehog fridge magnet. But I’d eschew the Sir Burnalot novelty toaster because, when all is said and done, who wants burnt toast?

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    1. This was an interesting hitchhike on your train of thought James! My last cat was called Little Cat so I think I should give my next cat an actual name…. we’ll see!

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  3. I’ve done both, and found it was far, far preferable bringing a kitten and puppy home together rather than letting one establish your pad as his/her territory, then forcing it to accept an immigrant. (Not to make the obvious parallel to today’s politics.) If they’re together from the beginning, each sees the other as part of their pack, and it’s pretty harmonious (unless one is congenitally just a dick, of course).

    And no, that was NOT anthropomorphic. They would have told me if it was.

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    1. Haha! I’ve only done the cat-then-dog before, and had it work out pretty well. I also like the idea of them growing old together rather than the dog dying much earlier than the cat… I would do both at once but I don’t feel it’s fair while living in an apartment. Once I have a garden though, RescueDog will join the pack!

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  4. This post, is the greatest thing to hit the internet! FutureCat! AH! I cannot wait for the arrival. I am crossing my…paws…that you get FutureCat soon! I want to see all the pictures (including the fancy bowl and kitty tree). I happen to like your plan, I do not have wedding plans or baby names looming in the back of my head. But I do have 3 rescue pups? So FutureHusband (if he exists LOL) will just have to deal with that 🙂 and possibly a kitty in the future, if these hounds will allow ❤

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  5. This post made me smile ear to ear! I love the idea of having more animals, they’re true forms of blessings and doesn’t destroy your body. Don’t get me wrong, I most definitely want to have children. I just feel animals bring a different level of joy, it’s unconditional whereas children can grow up to be quite selfish. Your post has made me think about my childhood too and have inspired my next post. Watch out for a shout out 🙂 x

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  6. I want a cat! Not just any cat either, the really big ones that are like minature tigers almost. I think they are called savanahs. We just don’t have the space for one right now, but we will have her one day! Our adopted child (puppy) turned three yesterday, which is insane, because like you, I remember the times when I was dreaming about her one day and now she’s three. Gosh.


  7. When we first got married, my wife wanted to name our first born “Lilac”. I tried your yell it at the park method as a test: “Lilac, get your butt in here and finish your homework.” We named the cat Lilac and named our daughter Sophie.

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  8. Fun post…. My future pet is a beautiful Sibarian Huskey named Baraka.. Most people think its crazy cause I live in Africa… Sibarian and African are legit on opposite ends of the globe and thermometer, but its ok. I know people who have huskeis and they seem to like Africa(the huskies I mean)…


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