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Life’s Little Disappointments

I am big into art and crafts. I’m not into all crafts. I’m not even into useful crafts, but I really enjoy making new things with my own two hands. I go through phases of intense focus where I NEED to learn how to decorate cakes/use watercolours/pyrograph/découpage/make jam. Then, as soon as I’m good enough…… Continue reading Life’s Little Disappointments


The Black Dog and The Importance of Words

Sometimes – not often, but sometimes – I have Bad Days. These are days when the usual voice of reason is there somewhere in the background, like, “Heeeeey, heeey girl….,” but it’s getting totally drowned out by this onslaught of constant self-criticism. Things I would never dream of saying to another human being just expand…… Continue reading The Black Dog and The Importance of Words

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Life Skill Unlocked: Cocktail-Making

When I was about seven years old, I used to sneak into my grandfather’s study. I would tiptoe past the piano, crawl behind the burgundy leather Chesterfield, feel along the bookshelf for the small metal key, and slip it into the lock on the cabinet below. I would turn the key feeling like Alice down…… Continue reading Life Skill Unlocked: Cocktail-Making


Pilates? I Thought You Said PIE and LATTES!

I took myself to a pilates class on Friday. My friend asked if I wanted to join her, and instead of going with my usual gut reaction to an invitation to exercise (“No thank you, I would rather boil my own eyeballs”) I decided to accept. I changed into leggings and a sports bra, dug…… Continue reading Pilates? I Thought You Said PIE and LATTES!