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A Struggle in Poetry


In honour of World Poetry Day (which was yesterday), and the suffocating fog of misery that I spent the past week trying to ignore (which has now finally, thankfully lifted), I wrote a poem. I promise this won’t be a regular thing – poetry is not my strong suit – but it is easy and quick and I’m still feeling a bit fragile, so this will get us over the hump to Friday.

Standing chest-deep in the oceanKnocked back by every wave,She waited.Her face wet with salt waterHer feet anchored in sand, (1)

20 thoughts on “A Struggle in Poetry

  1. When I find my poetic muse
    I note that you often choose
    To respond to my posts in rhyme
    So I thought it would be a crime
    For me not to play the game
    And to respond to yours the same
    So now I shall raise a toast
    To your clever poetic post…

    Good poem – do more 🙂

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  2. I’m not a natural poet, but I can appreciate the breathe and depth of human emotions. The hard difficult times do make us appreciate much more the good and high of joys though, yes? 🙂


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