It’s Friday, I’m in Love


It’s Friday!

I hope you’ve got some epic plans lined up for the weekend, and by epic I mean I hope there’s a considerable amount of downtime, preferably involving some pet interaction, maybe some cake consumption, possibly a cocktail or two… It’s the weekend! There are no rules. If you want to scatter jumbo marshmallows across your carpet and then lie down and make marshmallow-angels while laughing maniacally, you can do that! You’re an adult. No-one can stop you now.

Just don’t eat them afterwards. Do you even remember how long it’s been since you cleaned your carpet?

Anyway. Recently, two very nice things happened. One was that I somehow reached over 100 lovely readers (hi!), and the second was that I received some of those blogger awards that make me feel both embarrassed and flattered at the same time.

Look at those! They’re so pretty.

I received the floral awards from Yumie at Falling for Snow – thank you! – who is a really astoundingly lovely blogger with many, many, many cats and a very well curated, cool-toned instagram account. Her blog is an oasis of calm (and cats).

The geometric award comes from the beautiful and brave Bex at BEXoxoBlog, who has been through a lot and yet still has the strength to share her story and keep her attitude, humour and sense of adventure intact.

Each of these awards come with rules to post seven facts about yourself, and then pay it forward. I am bundling these together so that I don’t have to think of twenty-one facts about myself. That just seems like it would be too many facts for any decently relaxed Friday. So here we go:

  1. I was a very cute baby, and one day as my parents pushed me around Stephen’s Green park in my pram, they were stopped by Tom Cruise and Mimi Rogers. They asked if they could hold me and paid me many baby-related compliments. So, Tom Cruise played with me once. #CloseEncountersWithScientology
    I like to think they were wearing these exact outfits at the time.
  2. I really took the lead with a weird fact there, so let me gently drag the conversation back to relative normality; two of my toes are sideways. I don’t know why. That’s just the way they choose to live their lives.
    Here is a hideously deformed artistic representation of my rebel toes. They’re not actually this frightening.  I hope.
  3. I’m short, but not the kind of short that makes people look dainty and elfin and petite. No, I’m the kind of short that makes you wonder if I’m just standing sort of far away. It really tends to sneak up on people. Every so often, someone I’ve known for quite a while will be standing right next to me and will be suddenly surprised by the fact that I only reach up to their shoulder. So that’s the kind of short I am; ninja short. Optical-illusion short.
    If you’ve never watched Father Ted… You should.
  4. I’ve traveled quite a bit but I think I still have a lot of globe-trotting left to do. So far I’ve visited England, Wales, France, Bulgaria, Italy, Andorra, Spain, Gibraltar, Slovenia, Austria, Monaco, Germany, Morocco, the United States, Curaçao, Egypt, India, and Japan.
    There’s still a lot of adventures to be had in those unexplored grey patches!
  5. I drink about a litre of milk a day. I’ve tried to slow down my milk intake, but so far I haven’t managed it. It’s an addiction. Oddly, it doesn’t seem to matter what type of milk it is; it can be whole milk, skimmed milk, UHT milk, lactose-free milk, almond milk… I’m not picky. Just so long as it’s not water. I need to be in desert-like conditions suffering from severe dehydration to choose water.milk
  6. I am crazy about animals. I always have been. I’m not sure there’s anything that makes me as happy as watching animals just… be. I have my favourites (dogs, sharks, binturongs and pangolins), but by and large I’m fascinated by all and any of them. Doesn’t matter if they’re cats or capybaras. I also obsessively take photos of them everywhere I go, so in typical fashion I’ll come back from a holiday and have two photos of me and fifty photos of the scorpion I found on my bedroom floor*. 

  • I didn’t drink tea or coffee until about three years ago. It took that long for the Irish tea pushers to finally wear me down. The peer pressure here is intensez  4cè3a-drinking. Irish people drink an awful lot of the stuff, and there’s only so many years of “Would you have a cup of tea? Ahhh you would. Are you sure you don’t want just a small cup? Ah, go on!” a person can realistically handle before they snap and start drinking it out of courtesy. Then, before you know it, you’ve acquired a taste for the same drink you used to think was vile, and one day you have somebody over and you are surprised to hear yourself ask, ‘Would you like a cup of tea? Are you sure, now? Ah go on, just a small cup…mrsdoyle

    So there we are. Seven Friday facts about yours truly.

    As far as paying these awards forward to other bloggers, I’ve forgotten how many I’m supposed to choose and I could go back and look, but I’m not going to because trying to think of seven facts that weren’t my favourite colour/song/holiday destination/food has tired me out. Instead I’m going to just pick five for each one.

    For The Versatile Blogger Award I’m going with great blogs I read that cover a variety of different topics with either a lot of thought, or a lot of humour, or a mix of the two:-

    SC at Selectively Curious

    Gypsie at On Gypsie Mountain

    Kristen at Commuting With Kristen

    Belle at Belle of The Library

    Jess at You’re Fine

    …And for the Blogger Recognition Award, I’m linking to blogs that have more of a theme, and are engaging and well-written:-

    Bex at Bexoxo Blog

    Lauren at This Stuff is Golden

    John at John Tesi

    Matt at Must Be This Tall To Ride

    …and a joint one for LA at Lost Astronomer and P&C at Pyjamas and Crumpets because they’re husband and wife, blogging about the same thing from both sides of the coin.

    Is that cheating?


    If you’re reading this and are not one of the people above, then don’t worry, I have not forgotten you. It’s Friday. You made it through the week. Well done! You are also deserving of an award, just for being awesome.

    Using the advanced skills of a toddler with access to Pixlr, I have made you a Good Job dinosaur sticker, because nothing says well done like a tie-dye velociraptor.


    See you on Monday when we’ll be back to the regular scheduled programming.

    Have a great weekend!

    *This actually happened.

    42 thoughts on “It’s Friday, I’m in Love

    1. No. 1 Thanks for the joint award 🙂 No. 2 I love your multi-coloured dinosaur and No. 3 your favourite animals have approximately nothing in common apart from not being human (I also had to look two of them up – my general knowledge is now much improved. Did you know the binturong is also known as the bearcat?)

      On 17 February 2017 at 15:03, When Do I Get The Manual? wrote:

      > Quinn posted: ” It’s Friday! I hope you’ve got some epic plans lined up > for the weekend, and by epic I mean I hope there’s a considerable amount of > downtime, preferably involving some pet interaction, maybe some cake > consumption, possibly a cocktail or two… It’s the w” >

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        1. My hotel in Curaçao. I had just spent the drive to the hotel reading about how rare scorpions were, and feeling very sad that I probably wouldn’t catch sight of one… And then I walked into the bedroom of our hotel suite and there was one right in the middle of my floor! I put it outside, but not before taking a bunch of photos.

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        2. I get very excited about wildlife to the point of disinterest in my own safety. When we drove through the Everglades I kept walking to the edge of the waterways to better look for alligators. It was giving Scrubs so much anxiety I had to be dragged away and bundled back into the car.

          Liked by 1 person

        3. Haha. I’m can be the same way. There’s a drive-thru safari park near where I am and I went there last year for my birthday. You are given a list of animals not to feed, and I was hanging out the car throwing food at them anyways. They need love too!


    2. Firstly binturongs should have their own animated TV show – why have I never heard of them before now? Secondly I’m totally ok that you didn’t nominate me for any awards and I’m not crying as I write this – I’ll take the ‘Good Job’ dinosaur and wear it with the same pride that I used to wear the ‘M’ (for merit) stickers they gave out in school on sports day for the kids that took part but finished outside of the top 4 (although one year I did get the coveted ‘number 4’ sticker and there actually were more than four people in the race – five to be exact but how I mocked that kid with his stupid ‘M’ sticker… then I went and got an ‘M’ in the next race and had to walk around for the rest of the day M4 stuck on my t-shirt with people asking me if was a big fan of that particular motorway, which I totally am as an adult – Reading to Cardiff in under 2 hours, yes please! – but I was less so as a child). Thirdly, the Tom Cruise thing is weirdly cool. I don’t know why but it definitely is.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. James I got a bit befuddled with whether to put you in one category (because doodles!) or the other (because also not doodles) so you slipped through the cracks. NEXT TIME though! I hope you still have that M4 for whenever you’re feeling a little blue. If you don’t you should make yourself a new one with your excellent paint skills.

        And I wholeheartedly agree about the Binturong. I agree less about Tom Cruise. The fact that he once touched me is strangely unnnerving.

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        1. Haha – I really don’t deserve an award – in fact you should never nominate ever – just keep clicking the ‘like’ button my posts and I’ll be more than happy. Maybe ‘cool’ isn’t the best way to describe your Tom Cruise experience, but it’s definitely an ‘ice-breaker’ if you’re ever stuck for conversation…

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      1. I loved Vienna! I thought it was beautiful and elegant and relaxing… I had the most romantic night of my life there and it was with a complete stranger that I never saw again! So… I hope you have a great time!

        Liked by 1 person

    3. Also, I’m a shorty too! Crop jeans on me fit like regular sized jeans and I have to hang on the edge of the washing machine to reach the bottom. There’s a saying: I’m not short, I’m fun-sized. 🙂

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    4. There will be confectionery of some sort and likely my Pug will want to get involved by staring at me in the hopes of getting something for my weekend.

      Congratulations on your awards tiny milk quaffer, haha!

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    5. Quinn, that first fact (it is true, right?) is maybe one of the coolest things ever, and I don’t even care for Tom Cruise, in fact he freaks me out majorly – yet I’m totally blown away that a celebrity couple thought that you were so cute that they had to hold you. Amazing. Would the same happen if he saw you again in a park? Maybe, but be careful just in case he’s just complimenting you to get you to join the Scientologists.
      And thank you so much for passing on the award, and the lovely compliments for my blog! Hope you have a wicked weekend x

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yep, It’s true! I’ll have to dig out a baby photo so people can judge my cuteness for themselves…

        And I know right? Scientologists seem extremely sneaky.


    6. Great post and congratulations on your reaching 100 readers! I’m sure the number will double (and triple) in no time.

      I noticed you didn’t mention chocolate milk. THAT’s my go-to milk choice if I’m drinking it in a glass

      Liked by 1 person

    7. I very good awards acceptance… can we say acceptance, I think so. no one seems to have touched on yours toes, not in a literal sense of course… why do you think they are like that? shoes maybe?

      Liked by 1 person

    8. A bit late to the game here, as per usual. Firstly, thank you for the kindness!

      And secondly, yay for animals and tea! There was a time when I fancied myself moderate and classy for sipping tea on my way to the slopes after long nights in college. Now, it takes a pretentious coffee or two to even get my heart beating.. youth is a wonderful thing, but coffee is second best.


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    9. Haha My friends used to call me their ‘far away friend’!! I loved Father Ted!!
      What an awesome claim to fame, Tom Cruise is awesome I know he gets a lot of hate for being weird and all but when you watch films like Top Gun, Cocktail, Days of Thunder…was he not just the coolest guy. Ever?
      I was thinking we’re quite alike until you said sharks were among your faves, I can’t even look at pictures of them without screaming I am terrified of them! Giraffes are my faves I’m not sure if that’s a being short thing, I’m attracted to tall guys.
      Love the sticker although I am scared of dinosaurs too, that is a cute one…no scary teeth on show!


      1. I’m also attracted to tall people. I wonder if it’s out of biological necessity so that I don’t have to go through life with a step ladder? I can just ask them to reach things for me instead?

        Giraffes are pretty awesome. I love their eyelashes! …I actually haven’t watched Cocktail or Top Gun or Days of Thunder but now I’m thinking I’ll have to change that!

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    10. I know what you mean by “ninja short”. Folks might not think it’s a real phenomenon, but it is. A friend, Becky, is ninja short: In my memory and imagination she’s always several inches taller than she is. My hunch is it has something to do with her personality. She’s highly energetic and free spirited. That seems to impress me so much that I add inches to her actual height.

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    11. Loved this! Two Father Ted references! I love Father Ted and Black Books. And Dylan Moran in general.
      That French cat is so cute! And the Tom Cruise fact…I’m not sure how I’ll process it.

      Liked by 1 person

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