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Stripping Off in Suwa, Japan

I walked into the Katakurakan onsen with trepidation clawing up my throat. A smiling lady handed me a small towel and a small key at the window of reception, then gestured gracefully towards a door on the left. This was something I’d noticed a lot since arriving in Japan; every Japanese person I encountered seemed to…… Continue reading Stripping Off in Suwa, Japan

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St. Patrick’s Day from an Irish Perspective

Once more from the top. St. Patrick’s Day is either referred to as St. Patrick’s Day or Paddy’s Day. Those are the only acceptable terms. St. Pat’s Day, St. Patty’s Day, any and all of the other variations… they make Irish people feel so unclean they need to scour with wire brushes just to scrape…… Continue reading St. Patrick’s Day from an Irish Perspective

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An Impotent Rant About Impotence

It happened again, mis amigos! To fully set the scene, I must first explain certain truths about myself, like the fact that grocery stores relax me. I know, but they do. They are my zen garden. They are my mountaintop sanctuary. I can’t explain it, but walking up and down aisles of consumer goods just…… Continue reading An Impotent Rant About Impotence