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Thoughts on… Spending Monday in Mexico


I am actually in Mexico as I type this, and I’m typing it on my phone, at the bar. I’ve had one Bahama Mama and one Electric Lemonade, and if you know me then you know that’s quite enough to have me enthusiastically humming Disney villain songs loudly and in public.*

Currently, I’m on Poor Unfortunate Souls, but I’m open to suggestions.

It’s nice here. I arrived a few hours ago and already my hair has taken on a life of its own and doubled in volume; it looks like it inhaled deeply and never exhaled. Waves have appeared out of nowhere. It is basically now a duvet for my head and shoulders. I have considered shaving it off about three times since the plane landed.

Make that four.

Today (tomorrow) is Monday, but I’m typing this on Sunday (today) because I am functioning on about four hours of sleep and trying to untangle time zones is beyond the scope of my capabilities right now. The Bahama Mama didn’t help. The Electric Lemonade was the nail in the coffin. I’m getting ready for a Mudslide and honestly, once I’ve had it I’ll probably have to ride a giant iguana back to my room because three cocktails is enough to have me talking to the walls.

I’m a notorious lightweight.

The bartender keeps calling me Emma, which makes me feel like I’m an incredibly unprofessional undercover agent. Is Emma supposed to be drinking something that tastes like melted lime Calippo? Is she supposed to be sitting on a swing? Are swings even safe in a bar? I feel like this is a head injury waiting to happen.

Speaking of muddled heads…

Today my Falling Half In Love With Strangers post is being featured on Discover WordPress, which is exciting and lovely and flattering and nerve-wracking all at the same time.

“…And that’s all I have to say about that.”

*Yes I also do this – regularly – completely sober. Stop judging me.


29 thoughts on “Thoughts on… Spending Monday in Mexico

  1. I will be doing the same thing as you tomorrow. Up at 2AM (so not sleeping, why bother) for a 6AM flight, then 30 hours of travel ahead of me. Will end up at my destination with hopefully 4 hours in me. Ugh!

    Grats on the Discover post, Quinn 😀

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  2. Quinn you literally created magic with your words; the post featured on Discover was perfect and deserves all the success. Congrats and more power to you . As for Mexico , looking forward to other hair raising tales with a dash of humour.

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  3. Ahhh, the humidity in Mexico is sure to make your hair almost perpendicular to your head! lol As I recall, riding a giant iguana back to the hotel might be safer than the local taxis. Have fun on your vacation!

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  4. Congrats on the feature!! Can’t wait to read about your tales of this trip (more specifically, how you executed your role as Emma and how you managed on your way back to your room, with or without the iguana). Have fun lady!

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  5. Enjoy yourself and bring back the iguana for your every day traveling in Ireland. It’s far better than any other mode of transport. I think. Well bar a dragon, but I may be biased about this…

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  6. Go with Be Prepared next. Classic…

    My office mates have posted a number of videos of me loudly singing Disney songs when they thought I didn’t know they were recording me. I knew. I just didn’t care. Singing random songs at the top of my lungs is just a typical Tuesday for me.

    Oh, and congratulations on the feature! That’s awesome!

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  7. Poor unfortunate souls is a good one🤣 and the fact that you do this, makes me love you even more.

    I also relate to the hair situation, it grows, takes on a life of its own (insert fabulous Donna Summers scene here), swallowing up your face and becoming your own personal face space heater – it’s not sexy. Also very uncomfortable! Those hair commercials, where the gal is happy on the beach, hair blowing flawlessly in the wind…. LIES. Let’s be real, she is dying for a hair tie because girl is tired of eating the hair and being taken over by my said lion mane 🦁🦁.

    I hope you do enjoy the sun and beverages! Also…. Perhaps an update on the iguana situation?!
    😘♥️ be safe!

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  8. Congratulations on the feature. I feel good that I discovered you just before you got this (well deserved) honour. You’re going to have your hands full with followers now.
    Excellent post. I could truly imagine your hair doubling in size.

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  9. For someone half-wasted, you have some exceptional writing in this post. Congrats on the Discovering WordPress honor. That’s a big deal. Remember, we knew you when you were part of the proletariat.

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  10. With the way you write, I assumed you’d have a thousand likes already. Too bad I can only like once! Also, would this be a good time to mention that I feel this connection while I read your posts. I feel like I’m doing the things you describe (I feel like we have similarities) but then again, it’s not really me is it. #whatstheappropriateword?

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      1. I think, like most of us, you are WAY to hard on yourself. I have read a good number of blogs (mostly travel-related) in the last couple of years from countless people all over the world. But your ability to tell a story, be genuinely funny, suck me in and even bring me to the brink of tears is truly a gift 🎁 I think you’ve found your calling in life, you just haven’t recognized it yet, because you had certain expectations that you would know it when it hit you like a ton of bricks. It has always been there.


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