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An Impotent Rant About Impotence

It happened again, mis amigos! To fully set the scene, I must first explain certain truths about myself, like the fact that grocery stores relax me. I know, but they do. They are my zen garden. They are my mountaintop sanctuary. I can’t explain it, but walking up and down aisles of consumer goods just…… Continue reading An Impotent Rant About Impotence

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Life Skill Unlocked: Millinery

If you’ve never heard the word before, ‘millinery’ is the word for the art of making fancy hats and fascinators*. I actually have never worn a fancy hat or fascinator. Not because I don’t like them – they can be pretty amazing – but because anything small and girlie makes me feel self-conscious and stupid,…… Continue reading Life Skill Unlocked: Millinery

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Life Skill Unlocked: Cocktail-Making

When I was about seven years old, I used to sneak into my grandfather’s study. I would tiptoe past the piano, crawl behind the burgundy leather Chesterfield, feel along the bookshelf for the small metal key, and slip it into the lock on the cabinet below. I would turn the key feeling like Alice down…… Continue reading Life Skill Unlocked: Cocktail-Making


Pilates? I Thought You Said PIE and LATTES!

I took myself to a pilates class on Friday. My friend asked if I wanted to join her, and instead of going with my usual gut reaction to an invitation to exercise (“No thank you, I would rather boil my own eyeballs”) I decided to accept. I changed into leggings and a sports bra, dug…… Continue reading Pilates? I Thought You Said PIE and LATTES!