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Thoughts On… Adulting Struggles

It is unseasonably warm in Ireland at the moment. In a freak occurence, the sun is actually visible, the clouds are wispy and barely-there, and the temperature has crept up to Irish-sunburn levels (which isn’t very high, but it’s high enough for people to wander the streets in singlets, puffing and red-faced, panting about how…… Continue reading Thoughts On… Adulting Struggles


Pilates? I Thought You Said PIE and LATTES!

I took myself to a pilates class on Friday. My friend asked if I wanted to join her, and instead of going with my usual gut reaction to an invitation to exercise (“No thank you, I would rather boil my own eyeballs”) I decided to accept. I changed into leggings and a sports bra, dug…… Continue reading Pilates? I Thought You Said PIE and LATTES!